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May 5, 2018 

Valley, State

Serious Pub

UTILITY Commands:

zt!avatar [@user] :: Show's the Avatar of the mentioned User

zt!servericon :: Show's the Avatar of any Server

zt!help :: Send's you the Help-Navigator for all commands


SUPPORT Commands:

zt!botinfo :: Informations about the Bot? You'll find them here!

zt!serverinfo :: Yep! I'll give you Informations about the Server with that command!

zt!userinfo :: Use this command if you wanna see your informations!



zt!ban :: Yep, yep! I use a Banhammer!

zt!kick :: Yep! With that command i kick every Ass off!

zt!report :: Annoying User? Report them!

zt!purge [valid number] :: Yep! I'm clearing up!


REACTION Commands:

zt!sad :: Yep! It's ok to be sad!

zt!cry :: Yep! It's ok! Let it all out!

zt!kiss [@user] :: Oh! I think it's good to spread love!

zt!hug [@user] :: Wanna hug someone? Do it!

zt!lick [@user] :: Oh wow, that is really lovefull.


FUN Commands:

zt!roulette :: I hope you'll survive, yep!

zt!dance :: C'mon! Let's dance!

zt!battle [@user] :: Who's gonna win that Battle?

zt!rate [@user] :: With that command i'll rating User!

zt!dead :: Oh wow.. you're wasted.

zt!delet :: DELET THIS! NOW! (Memes)

zt!discordmemes :: Huh? Discord has Memes? Wow!

zt!roast [@user] :: I'm so sorry.. but i have to do this..

zt!pepe :: Oh! Picture's about Pepe!

zt!lenny :: I've lenny-faced you!

zt!8ball :: I answer every question!

zt!meme :: Some Memes! Sure, use this!

zt!fliptext :: ʇxǝʇ ɹnoʎ ƃuᴉddᴉlɟ ɯ,ᴉ

zt!cadge :: Find out if i have some Money for u!

zt!flip :: I'm flipping coin's when i'm boring.

zt!mock [@user] :: Mocking some User? Hehe!

zt!cookie [@user] :: Share a Cookie with someone!

zt!dice :: Roll the Dice!


IMAGE Commands:

zt!doggo :: Some Dog Pictures!

zt!catty :: Cat's are sooo cute!

zt!birby :: Oh! Birbbby!

zt!animep :: Anime Picture's




The new Discord Bot 2018


Zone-Tan is a multiple Discord Bot written in 

by Elena &' Clyde


Online Status:

The Bot will be running 24/7

Response to the commands should be fast.


How do you have to use Zone-Tan?:

Just use zt!help for the Help Navigator

All commands are categorized


Commands, Zone-Tan includes:

Zone-Tan using commands like: zt!kick and zt!ban for moderation commands.

And also includes commands like zt!mock, zt!roast and zt!8ball for fun commands


Support and Questions:

If you need Support or you have questions about Zone-Tan you can join the

Support Server from Zone-Tan.

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